Edmund Industrial Optics62912

  • Magnification: 0.500X

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount

  • Format: 28.7 mm

  • Image Circle: 28.70 mm

  • f/#: 6

  • Working Distance: 175 mm

  • Spectral Range: 425 to 675 nm

  • Matching Pixels: 5.00 ┬Ám

  • Focus: None

  • Iris: Manual

  • Filter Size: M86 x 1

  • Notes: Locking Screws

Designed for use with large format sensors, these lenses excel at high-resolution telecentric imaging for large fields of view with low levels of distortion. The housing is tamper proof and ruggedized to make them ideal for any machine vision application. The locking iris prevents unintentional lens adjustments in high vibration environments.


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