• Interface: USB3 Vision

  • Format: 1/1.8 in.

  • Lens Mount: C-Mount

  • Mega Pixels: 3.2

  • Resolution: 2064 x 1544

  • FPS: 38

  • Sensor Type: CMOS Global Shutter

  • Sensor: IMX-265 x3

  • Pixel Pitch (µm): 3.45 X 3.45

  • L X W X H (mm): 74 X 44 X 44

  • Temp. Range: -5 to 45 °C

  • Auto Iris: None

The Apex AP-3200T-USB-LS is a 3-CMOS prism-based R-G-B area scan camera intended for microscopy applications in the medical and life sciences markets. The multi-sensor prism technology provides better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer color cameras, while the USB3 Vision interface offers excellent plug and play compatibility.

The camera is built around the PregiusTM IMX265 1/1.8-inch sensor featuring 2064 x 1544 pixels and pixel sizes of 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm. A standard C-mount can be easily adapted to most types of digital microscopes or can be used with a variety of standard or telecentric lenses in larger systems.

The camera can be optionally ordered with the IR-cut filter removed (AP-3200T-USB-NF-LS) for applications needing extended sensitivity in the red/NIR channel. 

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