• Interface: USB3 Vision

  • Lens Mount: C-Mount

  • Format: 1.1 in.

  • Spectral Range: 400 to 1000 nm

  • Resolution: 4096 x 3000

  • FPS: 35

  • Sensor Type: CMOS Global Shutter

  • Sensor: IMX-253

  • Pixel Pitch (┬Ám): 3.45 X 3.45

  • A/D: 12-bit

  • Cooling Water: None

  • Cooling Air: N/A

Ideal for use in any laboratory or industrial setting, Pixelink cameras let you capture high-quality images with your existing microscope equipment.

We will work with you to choose and integrate the optimal USB 3.0 camera for your microscopy project.

Our microscope cameras and associated soware are designed to offer consistent, superior quality image acquisition and performance.



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