The Smart Color Box is an important tool for testing the different colors that work best on your vision application.

Great for field testing on a vision application or use in a Vision Lab. Simple to use just push the button for the desired color. Smart Color Box works with standard CCD or CMOS cameras.

Materials respond to color in different ways. Sometimes the only way to know the color or wavelength that works the best is by testing different color lights. Purchasing each color LED light can be very expensive. The "Smart Color Box" is 1/10th the cost vs. buying 6 different colors of LED lights.

Product Details

  • 6 High Current LED's
  • Li-ion battery with integrated charger / Up to 2 hours of operation before recharging
  • Recharges in 6 hours / Includes recharging power adapter
  • Push button testing for LED on/off
  • High Power, High Current LED's

Available wavelengths for this version include White (400 to 700 nm), Red 625nm, Blue 470nm, Green 530nm, UV 395nm & IR 850nm. For UV wavelength specific model please reference S75-SCB-UV; for short wave IR specific model please reference S75-SCB-SWIR.

User Manuals

No User Manuals