Imaging Lenses and Filters

Imaging Lenses

A variety of lenses are a available to provide your vision system with the right field of view from just the right distance.


  • Fixed Focal Length
  • Zoom Lenses
  • High Magnifcation Lens Systems and more...

Lens Accessories

  • Mounting Hardware
  • Components to adapt a lens mount of one type to another type
  • Right-angle lens attachments to reduce a system's footprint
  • Extension tubes, extenders and close-up lenses to increase magnification


Filters enhance image contrast by attenuating or blocking light over a range of colors/wavelengths.


  • UV
  • Visible
  • Near Infrared (NIR)

Filter Accessories

These rings adapt a mounted filter to an alternate thread diameter and pitch, permitting a particular filter to be used with a larger variety of lenses.


  • Step-Up Rings
  • Step-Down Rings