Lens Accessories

Required Accessories

These accessories are necessary to adapt optics such as microscope objectives to the camera.

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Mounting Hardware

With the miniturization of industrial cameras, the lens now is often much larger and heavier than the camera, making securing the lens and camera assembly to the fixture via the lens a better choice for stability.

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Camera Adapters

Allows a lens of one type of mount to be adapted for use with a camera with a lens mount of a different type.


  • C-Mount to F-Mount (Nikon)
  • C-Mount to CS-Mount
  • C-Mount to μ-Video
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Extension Tubes

Also called extension rings, these tubes reduce the lenses minimum object distance (M.O.D.), allowing the lens to focus closer than it was designed to do, increasing magnification/resolution.

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Extenders, also known as teleconverters, effectively increases the focal length of the lens at the expense of decreasing the amount of light reaching the sensor.


  • 1.5 X
  • 2.0 X
  • 4.0 X
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Right Angle Adapters

When space is limited within the fixture, these mirror systems permit the camera to view at 90° to the optical axis of your lens and camera, reducing the overall height of the imaging system.

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Close-Up Lenses

Close-up lenses or diopters act like a pair of reading glasses for a camera lens, allowing the lens to focus closer to the object, enabling higher magnification and greater resolution.

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